Main Character Sidequests Edit

Character Quest Start Location Info Rewards
Xero Tenebrous Reef Though not specifically a sidequest named for Xero this quest gives his best weapon, the Eternal Courage. This is one of the most difficult dungeons and should only be attempted after some other quests have been completed. You will need Sandra's Ship to be repaired to reach the dungeon. Once there, you need to present the Divinity Seed and the Takamaro Rheum to the small patch of grass outside the door. The boss is named Taen and is the third hardest enemy in the game. Eternal Courage
Enda Ellea Check Xero's house to start the quest. You will battle through the Fendale Estuary dungeon and fight boss Bacillus. After the scenes, Enda's best weapon can be found in a drawer inside the house.

Tip: Use magic weakener like <Element> Wane and Energy Drown, and then use strongest magic and physical attack you have, if necessary put strengthener shards and ignore the viruses. It is weak to both Fire and Lightning.

Gasuto No Jinsei
Slash Slash's house on island east of Teyton Enter the house and the quest begins automatically. There are no savepoints during this and the quest takes approximately 30 minutes so be prepared. Golden Ashes can be found inside Slash's house after the quest. They are used to craft his best weapon. If you sold the Broken Hammer you can pick one up from the Colrain Miner's Guild. Golden Ashes
Burns Teyton back alley In southern Teyton there is a man standing next to the Peace Keeper's building. Talk to him and then he'll walk into a back alley on the west side of town. Check the shadow near the buildings on the left to enter the back alley. Next you'll have to fight through the Peace Keeper's building until fighting two boss encounters at the top. Terrene Echoes can be found on the rooftop after the battle. Terrene Echoes
Asera Sandia Jara Research Lab Enter the lab from the docks area of Sandia Jara. Inside you need to grab a key from the office area on the far western wall. From the initial area the key unlocks the northern passageway. The boss room can be unlocked by turning on the computer in the engine room. The boss is named Fume. Algor Datasheet, ??? Blueprints
Sandra Sandra's House in Camdren Start the quest by talking to Sandra's Dad in Camdren with Sandra in the main party. After talking to him Renthrut's Isle opens up halfway between Camdren and Newport. You will need Sandra's Ship to be repaired to reach the dungeon. The boss battle here against Warden is optional and gives Sandra's best weapon the Golden Dawn. Golden Dawn
Eidol Eidol's Room in Fort Shaul Enter her room in Fort Shaul on the eastern side of the complex. After the scene you need to go to the cliff in Parelin. There are two other cliffs that you do not need to go to in order to complete the sidequest, but they do have treasures. The Grand Mesa is right next to Atlantia on a small hill and Julein's Peak in on a hill near Camdren. After the scene in Parelin go back and check the grave to fight the boss Arismorgis. Kioku
Throg Theatre District of Heyama Go to the Stadium in Heyama and go in the right side exit. Fight through the Theatre District and in one side room you need to answer questions. For a perfect score answer:

Q1: choice 4

Q2: choice 1

Q3: choice 1

Q4: choice 4

Q5: Either choice 3 or 4

The boss is named Farlenbrandt.


Wraiths Edit

By defeating the 8 elemental Wraiths you gain the Wraith Nexus which opens a portal at the Mesosphere Arca on the Heyama continent.

Element Location Info Reward
Fire Central Shoal Follow the palm trees to reach a cave at the northern edge. Each time you see two large palm trees the two of them line up to point to your next destination. This excludes the first group of 4 palms when you first walk in. Start by walking straight up until you see the next two trees by themselves. Fruit of Power
Wind Heyama Stadium Single's Rank 28. Fruit of Spirits
Earth Damri Mountain Damri Mountain is in Teyton and can be reached by crossing the bridge near the equipment store. Fruit of Endurance
Water Slant Cave At the end of Slant Cave next to the Blaze HQ jump down the hole where you fought the first boss. Fruit of Intellect
Ice Glacial Navigation area At coordinates (120, 55). Fruit of Resistance
Lightning Above Flash Canyon Fly in the airship above Flash Canyon to begin the encounter. You must fight it again from the airship just north of Wallstock Mountain. Fruit of Life
Light Terrarium area of Affliction A purple flame is glowing as you walk in. Fruit of Energy
Dark Palisade Prison Enter Palisade through the main door and the arena is the first door you see with three soldiers standing in front of it. Fruit of Chance

Other Sidequests Edit

Name Location Info Reward
Simon’s Well West of Blaze HQ After meeting Sarge and Slash leaves Terne Pin,

Barium Brooch

Signey Cay Signey Town  Dual elemental beasts Elemental Powders
Raheen Summon Kilgarve Belfry Tower northeast of Lethbridge Raheen
Serrison Disaster Serrison Woman whose daughter was left in Serrison south

of Colrain. This is inaccessible once Regalecus is defeated.

Fruit of Endurance,


Aegle Summon Wellspring After Sandra drops you off at Atlantia, the bridge out west is finished. You can now get to the oasis and fight the Aegle summon.It's hard to win even with Kina/Slash. Aegle
Eclipse Summon Newport A boy in a house will trade you the Eclipse Summon for a Floe Ray. Eclipse
Mizora Shrine Heyama A small shrine northwest of Heyama City a woman trades 5 Bonbori rays for the Mirron Summon. Mirron
Blaze HQ Jail Cells Blaze HQ Can be entered via Throg’s field skill Pulse Torc
Distant Screams Blaze HQ Go through the Blaze HQ strategy room down the path until you find a boss named Macabre Sr. Seraphim Bell
The Toilet Ham Blaze HQ Check the bathroom in the cafeteria Sneak Ring
Sewers Aqua Hook Palisade Sewers Bring Sandra to the Palisade Sewers and use the aqua hook on the bottom right of the map. Spike Armor
Depravity Serrison Can get a Remove Limiter Shard in a new unlocked house in Serrison. The door only opens when the other sidequests become available.  Remove Limiter
Pib II Fort Shaul secret area On the eastern side of the Fort Shaul dungeon area you can now access a secret rafters area. Glass Cortex
Farrell's Sword Southern Docks Find the weapon at the Southern Docks Farrell's Sword
Starlight Dagger Rensa Fields Enter the Rensa Fields from the north end. In the second area (with the Gust Jump platforms) run down quickly and you'll see a treasure chest floating down the river. Open it quickly to receive the dagger. Starlight Dagger
Divinity Tree West of Arnoa There's a large tree west of Arnoa with 3 treasures. You need to defeat 2 regular Fortuity enemies. Divinity Seed,
Takamaro Ruins Takamaro An abandoned town east of Heyama City. Takamaro Rheum
Southern Point Lighthouse West of Atlantia On the Aegis Strip west of Maple Fort and the Wellspring is a lighthouse with 3 treasures. Button sequences need to be input quickly to open them. Valor Amulet
Denizen Cave Speed-Run Denizen Cave Talk to the old man in the Southern Point Lighthouse and receive the Denizen Cave Pass 2. Now return to the cave and charge the orb. You must run through the spike flower area, the fire statues, and the monsters to reach the end within a short time limit and put the orb into the statue. Defense Spike Shard, Penrose, Mystic Mail
Abyss of Barudan Barudan A small cave northwest of Cataclysm Fortress Gold Rondache
Sandra’s Ship Rebuild Camdren Docks Pay 20,000G to the crew member to have the ship rebuilt. You can now reach the Central Shoal and the Tenebrous Reef. Sandra's Ship can now pass over reefs
Igloo Rewards Igloo Receive items from the Floe in the Igloo north of Newport based on how many enemies have been radiated. Igloo Rewards List
The Wraith Nexus Mesosphere Arca Defeat all 8 wraiths and bring the Wraith Nexus to the alter at the Mesosphere Arca. You will fight the hardest boss in the game (excluding the new game + version) named Tenjin. Prism Spike
Final Tenjin Mesosphere Arca A super hard version of Tenjin is available only in a New Game+ if you beat Tenjin in the copied file. Echo Pin

EXP Farming Edit

Early game you can fight Apex enemies south of Blue Creek. There is a very small appearance rate increase on the small forest patch up on the hill.

Late game the monsters in the Tenebrous Reef yield high EXP. Also, several of the bosses in the Heyama Stadium can be fought again for decent EXP, though most of them will have reduced EXP rewards.

PP Farming Edit

Northeast of Blue Creek there is a small patch of forest up on a hill with Apextu enemies. You need the airship to reach it. They give huge amounts of PP but run after only a few turns. These enemies can also be radiated and fought in the Heyama Stadium, though they run away much quicker there.

Alternatively, Desert Dessert can be repeatedly fought in the Heyama Stadium for 20 PP per fight, which might be easier if the player has difficulty getting Apextu encounters.

Gold Farming Edit

Gold Shield Bugs appear at 3 specific locations in Affliction. They drop large amounts of gold. They can also be radiated and fought in the Heyama Stadium but they become much more powerful.

Macroing Edit

There are several locations in the game where you can set up a simple macro to repeatedly fight battles for EXP, PP, and Gold. The earliest is on Sandra's Ship below the deck. Use a program like "Auto Keyboard Presser" to keep killing rats automatically. You'll earn around 1000 PP per hour.
After sidequests open up late game you can do this in the Heyama Stadium as well against most Ray battles. Some of the late bestiary entries yield high EXP.

Stat Building Edit

Stat increasing items can be acquired through crafting using the "Junk" recipe book. Crafting requires a Dragon Jewel, which can be bought in Ellea, and various other ingredients. The junk can be traded to the Junk Shop at Lanariko village in Heyama.

Craft Item Fruit Ingredients
Life Harp HP Hard Husk,

Dusty Skull,


Dragon Jewel

Spirit Lute MP Ionized Gas,



Dragon Jewel

Power Ocarina ATK Giant Tooth,



Dragon Jewel

Endurance Flute DEF Yellow Shell,

Serpent Scale,


Dragon Jewel

Intellect Horn MAG Crest Fishbone,

Tattered Cloth,


Dragon Jewel

Resistance Drum MDEF White Shell,

Pressed Wool,


Dragon Jewel

Energy Music Box AGI Crimson Clover,

Refined Shellac,


Dragon Jewel

Chance Tar Luck Ivory Tusk,

Refined Wing,


Dragon Jewel