The Stadium is located in Heyama City accessible late in the story after the events at Fort Shaul. It houses some of the best rewards in the game. Any battle costs 100G and if you lose you are simply returned to the front desk with full HP.

Singles Rank Edit

  1. Blob
    Reward: Blob Jelly
  2. Rensa Grub
    Reward: 100G
  3. Barotian
    Reward: Thick Pelt
  4. Shield Bug (Dark)
    Reward: Refined Shellac
  5. Cobble
    Reward: Devices Crafting Book - Modifiers
  6. Static Fly x4
    Reward: Moon Feather
  7. Chimera
    Reward: Prism Water
  8. Sludge
    Reward: Fruit of Endurance
  9. Deformity x3
    Reward: Ex-Hearten
  10. Gorger
    Reward: Refined Corollas
  11. Shield Bug (Wind) x2
    Reward: 1000G
  12. Scorched Ice x2
    Reward: Scope (device)
  13. Birch
    Reward: Fruit of Life
  14. Shield Bug (Earth) x3
    Reward: Salve
  15. Blood Widow x4
    Reward: Apple Loaf
  16. Koro x3
    Reward: Tropical Salad
  17. Refuge
    Reward: Prism Serum
  18. Quills x2
    Reward: Fruit of Power
  19. Phantasm
    Reward: Inferno Bell
  20. Gremwhile
    Reward: Quints
  21. Floe (power 70)
    Reward: Crystal Prism
  22. Graupel x8
    Reward: Refined Rime
  23. Relic
    Reward: Tonic
  24. Cosmic Glowbug x2
    Reward: Fruit of Resistance
    Notes: Powered up and now only ranged attacks hit
  25. Sentry Orb x4
    Reward - Attack Spike
    Notes: On the first turn one of them uses Enkindle which makes them all explode. You'll probably die unless you have the Inferno Bell equipped or have very high HP.
  26. Stadium Ghoul
    Reward: Prism Tonic
    Notes: Absorbs 40 TP from you and then does a move that damages based on your current TP. Make sure you are near fully charged before he uses this.
  27. Sewer Angst
    Reward: Spectrum
    Notes: Need high evade to dodge his initial strikes. Eidol is great here and her Rapid Strike deals massive damage due to the Angst's low AGI.
  28. Wind Wraith
    Reward: PP Double
  29. Gridlock
    Reward: Penrose
    Notes: Loses MDEF with each hit. Sandra's Gatling works well or even Enda's Tatsumaki if MP isn't a problem.
  30. Arc
    Reward: Celestial Signet (used to charge Neutron Star X at Central Shoal)
    Notes: Needs to be hit by each element once. Each element hit deals around 5000 damage and then locks it so that element won't hurt it again. You can't just spam all elements though, they need to have some power behind them otherwise he'll be left with a good amount of HP and no way to damage him. Bring lots of summons for each element and charge up your TP a bit before using each. Also when his "eyes glow red with flames" you need to use Flare Shield (Slash Shard) to block a strong fire attack. When his "eyes become encased in ice" you need to use Frost Shield (Asera Shard).

Team Rank Edit

  • Weaklings
    Reward: 250G, no need any strategy
  • Drudgor
    Reward: Shibuichi Helm
  • King Gorger
    Reward: HP Spike, I found this is challenging since King Gorger will attack twice in the start of battle and causes a lot, I mean A LOT, of status ailments like DELAY and BLIND and then he will summon its pawns (max 3 pawns), use any magic/technique that has Area of Effect, kill the King first.
  • Scourge
    Reward: Glacial Bell
  • Terra and Storm
    Reward: Fruit of Spirits
  • Chaw
    Reward: Torrent Bell
  • Flash Golem
    Reward: Sun Feather
  • Tough Guys
    Reward: Fruit of Intellect, Blob? NAH. Just use your strongest magic to kill 4 monsters and then use physical attack to beat another 2... why? you will know
  • Grim
    Reward: Penrose
  •  ???
    Reward: ???

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